Journey to the North of Athens

A journey to the north of Athens is a voyage of discovery. While most visitors to Greece’s capital focus on the well-known attractions in the city centre, there are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered in the neighbourhoods that sprawl out from central Athens. This article takes you on a tour of some of the best areas to explore in the north of Athens – from leafy streets with stunning views over the city, to lively squares packed with traditional cafes and restaurants. So put on your walking shoes and let’s get started!
What to do in Athens
If you’re looking for something to do in Athens, why not journey to the north of the city? There are hidden gems to be discovered away from the hustle and bustle of the centre. From ancient ruins to traditional villages, there’s something for everyone. Here are just a few ideas:

Visit the archaeological site of Eleusis – home to the famous Eleusinian Mysteries which were celebrated every year from antiquity until 1875. Today, you can explore the ruins of the Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore and see where initiates would have gathered for the rites.

Take a trip back in time at The Diolkos – an ancient trackway dating back over 2000 years ago which was used for dragging ships across the Corinthian Isthmus.

How to get to the North of Athens
The best way to get to the North of Athens is by car. You can also take the bus or train, but it takes a bit longer. If you’re driving, head north on I-95 and take exit 11 for US-301 toward Baltimore/Washington. Continue onto US-301 N/Baltimore Washington Pkwy and take the exit toward MD-200 E/Intercounty Connector. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-95 N/I-495 E and merge onto MD-200 E/Intercounty Connector (toll road). Take exit 23A for MD 650 N toward Gaithersburg and continue onto Quince Orchard Blvd.
What you’ll find there
If you venture a little north of Athens, you’ll find some hidden gems that are definitely worth exploring. From quaint villages to stunning beaches, there’s something for everyone in this part of Greece. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • The charming village of Aghios Georgios is a great place to relax and enjoy some traditional Greek hospitality.
  • The beaches in this area are absolutely beautiful, and perfect for a day of swimming, sunbathing, or just taking in the view.
    The best time to go
    The best time to visit Athens is in the spring or fall, when the weather is mild and there are fewer tourists. Spring is especially lovely, with the city’s trees and flowers in bloom. Fall is a great time to enjoy the city’s many outdoor cafes and restaurants.
    If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, winter can be a good time to visit Athens as well. The city can be quite empty, but it can also be very cold and rainy. If you don’t mind braving the elements, you’ll find that winter has its own special charm.